Why choose us?


We've built lots – all delivering real
results across desktop, tablet and 
mobile to help our customers' 
business's grow.


We won't bamboozle you with flashy sales pitches or technical jargon. We take the time to understand your goals and explain things in plain language, no technobabble.


We pride ourselves in delivering a great service with quality communication and post-project support. We were finalists for Best NZ Website Design company 4 years in a row!


Our Work...

We don't just design awesome websites,
we build online digital business solutions, tailored to your industry.
  • abbey
    “My site looks great and your formula works. Within the first week I had a new lead generated through the website every day”!

    Abby Parsons | Movementor Pilates

  • Ben-testimonial
    "I love the new design and the back office is so easy to use that updating the site with new job photos etc takes a fraction of the time it did before. 123 Online's service before, during and after has been outstanding. I’m a happy customer!!"

    Ben Hartnett | Signcraft

Digital Marketing



First, we talk to you to get a real understanding of your organisation. What you do, and importantly, what you don't do. Then we create a digital campaign that ensures only the right people see your ads, and the right people click on them. What we're after is highly targeted traffic and an economical cost-per-click.


End to end approach

We're not just responsible for getting people to your website. We're accountable for what they do once they get there.


We measure what Matters

It's more than just clicks. We measure the stuff you REALLY want to know about -phone calls, online enquiries and sales.


Proven Track Record

With over a decade of experience, our team of professionals have the expertise to deliver exactly what you need. Unlike other companies, we don't lock you into any term contracts, we're that good!

  • dave
    Our business was struggling to recover after covid, then 123 Online did our Digital Marketing and we had some of our best months on record! Thanks team!

    David Marment | Terrace Conference Centre

  • michelle2
    "I had a crack at trying to do AdWords myself, and the results were spectacular – spectacularly BAD. After 18 months of trying we had almost no leads. But from the moment 123 Online got involved, the business took off."

    Michele Clemens | Clementines Business Support


Graphic Design & Branding

The main purpose of Graphic design is to enhance how you communicate with other people using typography, images and colours to represent certain ideas or messages in a way that is not only effective, but also beautiful. From website & mobile app design to business cards and letter heads, we can take care of it for you to create something beautiful.
When designing websites, graphic design goes even further into UI and UX design:

User Interface Design

Good UI is important for your customer base as it increases user involvement, creating a strong link between your customers and your website.

User Experience Design

UX aims to provide positive and meaningful experiences for your visitors, allowing you to define customer journeys on your product or service which drive visitors to their end goal (e.g. get in touch, book or buy something)
  • Testimonial 2
    "Not only was I delighted by the clean, bright and user-friendly website designed by the team, but the ongoing support has been exceptional."

    Mark Bennett | House of Fundraising

Website Development

Website development refers to the work involved in turning your website design into a functional, interactive and mobile-friendly website.

Front-End Development

The front-end of your website is the flashy part that your visitors can see and interact with. The techniques used to create the front end of your website are evolving constantly, so we need to be aware of how this field is developing.

Back-End Development

The back-end focuses on all the complex bits behind the scenes of your website to ensure it performs properly. Focusing on logic, databases and APIs that do things like store and retrieve data, handle things like payment processing and calculations to display the right information on the front-end.
  • Helen-website-testimonial-pic
    "If you are looking for website services, contact them and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. I run a Customer Service business and these guys excel in this area"

    Helen Hood | Customer Care

Ongoing Support

Once your Project is live, we don't bail out
If you ever get stuck, we're here to help.
Whatever the issue, we'll walk you through it in plain English, so don't worry if you're not a computer whizz.

We've also got full instructional video tutorials on everything you need to know.
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HAMR Home 1
August 24, 2023

We are so happy with our new website! Larissa did an awesome job, and pretty much nailed it first attempt! Would we use them again? Absolutely! 5 stars from us!

David Marment
May 22, 2023

Our business was struggling to recover after covid, then 123 Online did our Digital marketing and we had some of our best months on record! Thanks team!

Horse Stuff
May 11, 2023

Thank you for the fabulous work updating our website and creating the logo refresh. It is very professional and exactly how we envisioned. We are so pleased with the finished look and ongoing support 123 online provides.

Brian Thomson
April 12, 2023

Excellent company to deal with,worked with James for over 10 years of him looking after our website etc.5 Stars all around!

Ben Hartnett
February 27, 2023

We have been with 123 Online for 5+ years, their service has always been fast and efficient. They recently helped us build a new website starting from new website design and through to development etc, we are very happy with the result and the new site has helped boost our business!

123 Online have been amazing at making our website come to life! Super helpful and the website is easy to use and functional! Would highly recommend :)

Navneal Singh
May 5, 2022

James and the team at 123 Online were a great sort to work with! Very responsive, proactive, efficient and transparent across the board with all updates in regard to our website hosting transfer they completed for us. I highly recommend them for all of your website, SEO and digital needs! Navi Sales & Admin - Ace Bird Proofing

Emma-Jane Gray
April 14, 2022

I cannot recommend James and the team at 123 Online enough. They provide brilliant service and support and dealing with them is always a pleasure

Anneka Stevenson
March 22, 2022

great company that goes out of their way to help. I needed help with my website and they replied right away making the updates needed immediately.

Helen Hood
March 6, 2022

I cannot recommend 123 online highly enough! They are absolutely amazing and their service is A+++. I have been working them for several years and cannot believe how professional and efficient they are. They respond quickly to any enquiries I have and are so helpful. They have built 2 websites for me and provide so much valuable advice along the way to ensure it all goes smoothly. If you are looking for website services, contact them and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. I run a Customer Service business and these guys excel in this area and are a perfect example of how excellent service encourages loyal customers. I would not look anywhere else for the service they provide and recommend them 100%! Thanks 123 online - keep up the great work!

Quick response times and great customer service! James from 123 Online makes everything easy.

Nigel Dunlop
October 27, 2021

I've had a 123 Online website for about 12 years. They have always provided good back-up support.

Richard Pidgeon
October 22, 2021

James delivered the promised work in a very professional, efficient and competent way - the website he created will really help my business.

Mike Bailey
June 12, 2021
Mark Bennett
May 24, 2021

I have dealt with 123 Online for more than five years. Not only was I delighted by the clean, bright and user-friendly website designed by the team, but the ongoing support has been exceptional. I can thoroughly recommend James and the team at 123 Online for your website design. Mark Bennett Managing Director - The House of Fundraising

I have managed A1 Driving School in Auckland since 2002. In 2008 we decided it was time to ditch Yellow pages and get a website. We checked out several web design companies, but we liked what 123 Online offered us, so we went with them. We had a fantastic run out of our first website. We did some upgrades, but overall stuck with the same website. In 2019 we went with a new website. We didn't look around to see what other companies offered, because we were so happy with the service we had received over the years from at 123 Online. They are always there for us and offer helpful, cost effective solutions. Very happy with the service and would highly recommend. Definitely 5 BIG stars from A1. Thanks 123 Online team! Regards, Harald Leeuwenburgh

Kam Peterson
April 15, 2021

Good quality and professional

Big thanks to 123online for the consistent prompt responses to the many support queries we had leading up to a site going live. A special mention to James for all your help and for creating a video tutorial specifically for us.