Best-practice SEO package

You've invested in your website. Now you need to ensure your target customers can find it. Our best-practice SEO package is designed to drive targeted search traffic to your website. The end result - more leads and sales.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising your website for highly relevant keywords. These are search terms your target customers are typing into Google when searching for businesses like yours. The goal is to achieve front page search rankings for these keywords.

Our SEO Strategy

Our strategy is all about achieving maximum results for a minimum investment. First, we perform keyword research. We select 4 - 6 keywords that reflect exactly what your business does. We look for keywords that have high search volume with relatively low competition.

We then begin to optimise the 5 key pages of your website for these terms. There are over 200 factors that Google looks at to decide your website's search ranking, however some are more important than others. We focus on the fundamentals of best-practice SEO. If you're interested in exactly what we do, see the list below:

tick.pngPrimary and secondary keyword research
tick.pngCreate keyword-rich meta title and descriptions for your 5 key pages
tick.pngInclude keywords (in H1) to maximise on-page conversion
tick.pngSprinkle keywords throughout page copy at correct ratios
tick.pngOptimise key images with alt tags 
tick.pngCreate keyword-rich page URLs
tick.pngProvide a list of websites to submit your site to for basic off-page optimisation

Package investment
$590+GST (one off)


On-page optimisation lays the foundations for front page search rankings with minimal investment. For many of our clients, the best-practice SEO package is enough to achieve page 1 rankings. Keep in mind, if you're from a highly competitive industry a longer term off-page SEO strategy may be required in addition to the on-page strategy. As a result, front page rankings are not guaranteed under this package. Prices exclude GST.