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Web hosting : Where your website will actually live.

Websites don't just float about in the ether, they actually have to exist on a computer (known as a server) somewhere. Here's what you need to know about ours...

webhosting1.pngNot All Web Hosting Services Are Created Equal

There are a lot of web hosting companies out there! From fast-loading New Zealand data centres, to slow-loading servers overseas. No prizes for guessing what we went with.

123 Online has teamed up with Web Drive, whose servers are housed in a 'fortress of a data centre' in Albany, Auckland. We chose Web Drive because they are the best. Some of New Zealand's biggest companies (like the BNZ) chose them too.

123 Online has three VPS servers with Web Drive, especially configured to make your website one of the fastest loading in the country. And they're monitored 24x7, so we'll always have your back.


  • Your website and database are backed up every day
  • Upon request we can revert your website to an earlier state (cost involved)
  • Using our Shift CMS, you can revert individual pages to an earlier version yourself

Server Connectivity

  • 2 x 155mb fibre through Telecom and TelstraClear.
  • 1 x Gbps fibre circuit through Vector Communications.
  • Peering through Auckland APE and WIX exchanges.

Power and Cooling

  • Raised floor for individual cabinet airflow.
  • Industrial air conditioning.
  • Multiple UPS (uninterrupted power supply) batteries.
  • Multiple incoming power feeds.
  • Auto-start diesel generator.

Server Room Security and Protection

  • Access by swipe card only.
  • 24-hour alarmed and monitored.
  • CCTV monitoring of facility.
  • Securely locked server cabinets.
  • Early-warning smoke detection system.
  • Concrete floors, walls and ceilings.


123 Online Ltd. reserves the right to change any of the above without notice.