"What do I say on my website pages?" PROBLEM SOLVED!

June 22, 2012 at 2:05 PM

website_content.pngWe’ve just solved the biggest challenge facing time poor businesses who need to get their website design sorted…

"What do I say on each page?!"

Writing great website content can be daunting for a lot of small businesses. I mean, not everyone’s Shakespeare, right? Over the last few months, our website copywriters, website design team, and web developers have been working to make writing sales driven content for your website pages a breeze, even if writing just isn’t your thing.

When our client's log into their website, each web page is pre-loaded with recommended layouts, and content templates ready to work with. This has a few major benefits for our clients:

1)      It Gets You Found on Search Engines!

By using the content templates, you’re automatically prompted to use the main search terms or “keywords” your target customers put into Google to find businesses like yours – especially in your headings and first paragraphs, which Google pays special attention to.

2)      The Content Sells!

The structure of the content templates are all about engaging your target customer by showing an understanding of the main challenges they have, and showing how your business provides the ideal solution. Basically, answering all the key questions they have when they arrive at your website, and leading them to the logical conclusion that you’re the people to contact.

3)      The Page Design Pops!

The page layouts look fantastic, and are aligned with your companies branding and style. The design of the page conveys a real sense of credibility and professionalism. Not only that, the layouts are all best practice, allowing the visitor to easily find the information they need.

4)      It saves Loads of Time!

Instead of starting from a blank page and scratching your head about what to say, and how to place it on the page, the hard work of layout and website content structure is done for you. All you need to do is fill in the blanks and upload your images.

The end result, is nothing short of amazing for our clients. A high quality, results generating website with sales driven content and best practice layouts with an ultra-minimal time investment. All in all, the average is less than 10 hours of our client’s time to get their website online, including writing their content. For a busy small business owner who needs results from their website, that’s a pretty big deal. 

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