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April 01, 2012 at 1:48 PM

webdesign_todo.pngGetting a high quality website designed, is something that most small business owners have on their to-do list. Reality check – the business to-do list rarely gets the time it deserves. Every day, there are fires that need to be put out, customers that don't pay, and the day to day work that needs to get done. As a business owner you have limited time, and a whole bunch of things you'd like to do if you had more of it. So let's examine the implications of putting off getting that new website sorted.

I realise a web design company writing about the importance of getting a website, may appear slightly biased. Of course we're huge advocates of the impact that high quality web design can have on a business – we see it every week within our own business, and those of our clients. But I'm realistic; I know you've got a lot on your plate. My hope is that the below points will help you establish where on the list a new website fits for your business against everything else you've got going on. Here are some points to consider:

Your website is the back bone of your marketing activities

If you're currently spending money advertising in local newspapers, the Yellow Pages, and direct mail flyers, and you don't have a quality website, STOP! Times have changed. People who get your other marketing, need more information before getting in touch. This is where the website comes in. The return on investment will go through the roof if your marketing is directing prospects to a quality website. Get the website first, then get marketing!

Someone's coming up when they Google – is it you?

Google has replaced any other marketing medium as the number one way people search for businesses. When they type in your industry, who comes up? Is it you, or your competitors? Every day you're not there is another day you're giving perfectly good enquiries to your competitors. Time to put a stop to it?

Things are quiet – perfect!

Conundrum – one of these situations will apply – "I'm so busy I don't have time to get my website sorted!" or..."I'm too quiet, I don't have the cash to get my website right now!" I'm not going to lie, getting a website doesn't just happen by magic. You've got some work to do. You need to look at competitor website designs, go through website design consultations, and write your website's content. If you're business is going through a quiet patch, don't sit there and wait for the work to come in, because when it does you'll be too busy to do this stuff. Accept that a website is a valuable business tool that will generate more business when it's done. Take a deep breath. Now use that quiet patch to work on your business and prepare yourself for busier times ahead.

As I said at the beginning, I know you're busy. I'm a business owner too, and I know how it is. But I also know what impact a quality website has on a business. Take a look at the to-do list, put the website where you think it should go. You can always do it tomorrow, but you won't get the impact on your business today. Food for thought.

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