Three SEO Tips for your Website

May 01, 2011 at 1:53 PM

seo.pngAs far as the site ranking well on Google, there is a specific field dedicated to this called Search Engine Optimisation, and specific firms that specialise in this. If this area is of significant importance, we can put you onto an exceptional firm that will put your website on a six month plan to achieve exceptional results in this area.

There are, however, three simple areas which we can offer guidance in to help your websites search engine rankings. The three key areas Google looks at to judge the "relivance' of a website are:


Around every 6 weeks, Google takes a snapshot of your website and adds it to its database. If it notices the website has been significantly updated since it last looked at the website, it deems it to be "currently in use." As we provide a Content Management System (CMS), you are free to go into the site and update its content whenever you wish.


Google looks at how many other websites link TO your website (not how many other sites your site links to). This is a concept of how many "friends" your site has on the internet. We recommend you submit your website to New Zealand and International Search Engines (like, business directories (like and most importantly, other related industry specific websites.

Key Words

You need to ask yourself what people are typing into Google who are looking for what you provide. Go to the link here and type in some related key words. Google will run a search and find similar and related key words and show the volume these are being searched for. These are the key words and terms you need to include with a high degree of regularity in your websites copy (between 5-10% of the total words in your text on your home page). These words should also be used in your title tags for each page (you can adjust these in the CMS).

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