Simple / Advanced Toolbar Now Active

February 13, 2012 at 10:13 AM

Our clients no longer need to call support to get advanced toolbar options turned on. Our developers have programmed in functionality for our clients to swap to the advanced toolbar, and swap back again.

To make it easier for our clients, the decision was made to keep the toolbar options minimal. With web design, it's best to keep the use of tables to a minimum. They're slow to load, and a bit fiddly some times. As a result, we created a 'simple' toolbar without those options.

A lot of our clients aren't the best designers - what was happening is that their text looked like a pigs breakfast because too many colours, too many fonts and too many sizes were being used. The best looking websites use a consistent approach. As a result, we decided to remove these options from the toolbar as well. Since we did that, we've noticed much better looking content areas coming through on our client's websites.

The problem is however, that sometimes our clients do need to use tables, and do need to change the colours/sizes of their fonts. Now, there's a button on the top right of your editor, saying "Swap to Advanced Toolbar" - when you click it, it warns you not to (unless you know what you're doing). However, at the click of a confirm box, all the custom options will become available.

This means less support time is needed (so we can keep our prices down) and more control is given to the clients that need it. Win/win!

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Category: Shift CMS Upgrades


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