Right Clicking Images in Edit Mode Now Possible

March 20, 2012 at 10:51 AM

Changing image properties, like associated links, alignment and size is now more obvious.

In order to adjust the alignment of images, you used to have to click the image, and then click the image properties button on the toolbar. This was two separate clicks, it wasn't obvious, and most people were missing it.

Now, you can simply right click the image, and it will have link options and properties options so you can make your adjustments from there.

We attempted to allow a copy/cut/paste option, but unfortunately in firefox, it's impossible to do. It's one of the limitations of firefox. To counter this, we put references to keyboard shortcuts when an image is right clicked, so copying/pasting will still be obvious for our clients.

Little changes like this make 123 Online more scalable and allows us to keep offering the type of quality solution for the price we offer it.

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Category: Shift CMS Upgrades


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