New Product - Google AdWords Phone Tracking

April 01, 2014 at 3:37 PM

blogphoto4.pngTracking Google AdWords return on investment just took a major step forward today with the release of our new phone tracking technology.

Phone tracking works by dynamically inserting a unique tracking phone number onto the web page someone arrives on after clicking a Google ad. When dialled, the number redirects to the normal business line, but behind the scenes our technology can actually tell what search term generated the call. By identifying which search terms are generating the phone calls, our clients can invest more budget in the keywords that are generating the calls, and less into the ones that aren't.

Call tracking has some other pretty significant benefits. As a lot of our Google AdWords clients are small businesses, they're not always available to take sales calls. If a call does get missed, our system emails our client the caller's details and alerts them of the missed sales call, ensuring sales aren't slipping through the cracks.

By providing full call recordings our clients can also track which enquiries become customers, leaving them totally confident that their advertising dollar is being well-spent.

Like to learn more about our phone tracking, and how a tailored Google AdWords strategy can work for your business? For an obligation-free chat with one of our Google AdWords specialists, call us on 0800 891 123.

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