Images Now Auto-Align

March 02, 2012 at 10:42 AM

The feedback that we got was that aligning images wasn't obvious, and some clients found it frustrating. This issue is solved - it now happens automatically.

It used to be that when you inserted an image, the the text surrounding the image was over to the right, aligned to the bottom of the image. It looked disgusting. This wasn't something we programmed in, it was just an html thing.

We set it so now, when you insert an image into your content area, text automatically wraps to the right. Not only that, but an automatic 5 pixel margin around the image appears, so that the text isn't hard up against the image.

You can easily change the alignment to the time on the right, text on the left, or having the image simply in the centre. We've programmed it in so that if the image alignment is changed to the right, a five pixel margin appears on the left, and the margin on the left is removed. We've even gone so far that if you enter a custom margin surrounding the image, the five pixels is taken away to ensure that the margin is even - ingenious.

As a result, we're now getting virutally no support calls regarding image alignment because it just happens, and it looks great.

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