How to write effective website copy

March 26, 2014 at 1:40 PM

blogphoto3.pngWhen someone arrives on your website, they’re looking for answers to some specific questions. Only when these questions are clarified will they be confident taking action. The goal is to align your website copy with the thought sequence of your target customer. We’ll use an Auckland law firm as an example throughout this post. 

The 4 website visitor questions and how to answer them

1. Do you provide the product / service I'm looking for?

When someone arrives on your website, they need to know immediately they've come to the right place.

Action points:

- Create a prominent home page headline that clearly communicates what you do and who you do it for. (e.g. Auckland's leading commercial law specialists).

- Create an "our services" box on your home page that simply lists the services you provide. (e.g. Property law, employment contracts and disputes, shareholder agreements, business terms and conditions etc.) 

2. Why would I use you versus one of your competitors?

You need to clearly communicate the benefits of using your company. Genuine points of difference need to be highlighted and backed up with a solid explanations.

Action points:

- Create a home page sub headline that backs up the main headline. (e.g. With over 100 years combined legal experience, our team has the expertise to deliver.)

- Create a "why use us" section. List 4 genuine points of difference as headlines, with an explanation in the subheadline. e.g. We've got Auckland covered (headline) / With offices in Takapuna, Auckland CBD, Henderson & Manukau (sub headline).

3. Who are you?

Customer experience is important. If direct interaction is required between the business and the client, they want to know who they'll be dealing with.

Action point:

- Include a detailed about us web page with the headline "who we are." Outline how long you've been running, your background, core values, location, key team bios and any other aspects that make your company unique. You may also want to add a photo of your premises or team for added impact.

4. Can I trust you?

This is where credibility comes into play. You've just answered your visitor's key questions, and you're about to ask them to take action. Before doing this, you need to reduce potential anxiety associated with making contact.

Action points:

- Include at least well-designed testimonials throughout your website,  preferably with the image of the person making the comment.

- Add credibility indicators - any awards, professional memberships, big name clients, partners or suppliers.

A note on professional web design

If your website design doesn't convey credibility and professionalism, it doesn’t matter how good your content is. The visitor won’t get to it because they’ll hit the back button. If you don’t have the web design and development skills to create an exceptional website design, we’d recommend you invest in professional web design. It’ll pay you back in spades.


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