Google Caffeine - What it Means for your Website

April 01, 2011 at 1:49 PM

Big News – the way Google search engine is ranking websites has changed...big time. They're calling it Google Caffeine. In essence, they're claiming that they're now publishing 50% "fresher" search results. This means that if you're not updating your website with regular, fresh content, your website won't get the high search engine rankings it used to.

google-caffine-sml.jpgBefore you cry "oh no, more work!" consider the opportunity here. Google used to rank websites on a number of factors, for example how long a website had been online, or how many keywords were popping up on the page. Although these are still presumably factors in how Google ranks your website, they are now not given as much weight as new, fresh content.

This means, that if you're motivated to move your website up the Google rankings for key search terms, Google will reward your efforts! So how do you go about harnessing the potential of Google Caffeine? Here are a few musts...

1) Start a blog

More than ever, a blog is a vital component of your website. Your website blog posts should be relevant, topical, and key word rich. Remember a blog is not stiff corporate literature, but written with flair and opinion. Keep it short (250 – 500 words), but frequent. Regular, fresh website content is the key.

2) Update, update, then update again!

Your business is always changing. When something in your business changes, publish it on your website. A news section is a great place to start. This could be hiring new staff, releasing a new product, exhibiting at an expo, winning an award. When you complete a new project, add it as a case study or to your portfolio. If you get positive feedback from a customer, add it as a testimonial.

3) Keep it Social

If you're not yet utilising Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, this is a wakeup call. Use RSS feeds to publish your updates on these mediums to your website. The use of comments and feedback on social sites mean ever-changing, fresh content.

It's early days for Google Caffeine, and it's implications will become more clear with time. This is an opportunity for newer websites from motivated companies to topple stagnant, more established companies off their Search Engine pedestal.

If you'd like to discuss the implications of Google Caffeine in more depth, feel free to get in touch.

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