Form Builder Updated...

May 24, 2012 at 1:58 PM

We've made some important updates for the Form Builder on Shift...

Firstly, we've created a 'custom block' styling on the form builder. Now, you can have brand consistent form blocks in the same style as your 'custom' block.

To achieve this, we've also made it possible to include a title, which shows up in at the top of the block. We needed to program in the functionality to avoid the issue of the title being outside of the block.

We've also made some important functionality improvements. The feedback we were getting was that some clients found it frustrating that you couldn't separate out your form into sections. We solved this problem with the introduction of 'text' fields that have no questions attached.

Now, you can type in text, and tick a box that indicates that the text isn't a question. You can style the text as a heading, as text in bold, and as regular paragraph text.

This gives even more power to the form builder. You can purchase the Form Builder from the Apps Marketplace by clicking the 'get apps' button within Shift. With the form builder, you can make as many custom forms as you'd like, and put them on as many pages as you'd like. Forms are THE way to increase conversion on websites, to turn visitors into enquiries.

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