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August 30, 2013 at 10:17 AM

We've made a few improvements to our Form / Form Builder app, making it easier for both the website owner, and the person filling out the form.

  1. It used to be that when a user filled out a form and missed some required fileds, the 'error messages' informing the user that they missed a required field were in the same colour as the rest of the website text.

    Some people reported that this was sometimes missed when completeing the form. To make these messages obvious, we've put them in red (industry standard). This should help form conversion rates overall.
  2. In the form builder, you can add 'text' that simply displays text that has no question associated with it. Some clients were ticking the 'this field is required' box while creating this field.

    When a user then tried to fill out the form, this would create an error because it couldn't find the 'answer' to the text field. This has been corrected so that the 'required' field is now disabled for this fieldtype.
  3. We've changed the 'Submit' buttons to read 'Send'. 'Submit' is a negative word that has negative connatations. Studies show that the word 'Submit' actually decreases the number of form submissions received. As we're a lead generation company, we want as many relevant people filling out your website's form as possible, so we've changed this to read 'Send'.

These are small but important changes. Thanks to 123 Online's cloud upgrade system for making this all possible.

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