Batch of Updates and Bug Fixes Released and Pushed Through to All Shift Clients

November 22, 2011 at 3:27 PM

Inevitably with software, there will be bugs. Although minor, these can cause some trouble for our clients. The great thing about our Shift structure, is when these bug fixes get released, they're automatically pushed through to all our clients.

This batch of bug fixes and updates includes...

  • 'Customise toolbar' link not active, but still present. Users pressing this link got stuck in a loop.
  • Clients were accidentally moving blocks into the menu area, causing the design to get warped. Permissions have been changed so this cannot happen.
  • Issue causing SQL error on the 'sound' app.
  • Issue on the HTML5 Video Player causing video to disappear intermitantly on Google Chrome if no dimensions are placed in the dimensions box.
  • Separated the scrapbook into two easy to understand functions - 'global' (which can be used across the site, where changing one instance will change all instances) and 'not globa' (where all instances can be changed individually).
  • Fixed an issue with the colour picker in the editor. When the colour picker was clicked, it would sometimes appear well above the editor, and out of the bounds of some people's screens.  The fix made the colour picker appear where it's supposed to.
  • Integrated 'norobots no follow' meta tag into the go live button. Occasionally you would see websites being indexed by google before they were actually live (this usually occured because customers were linking to the non-live website in links elsewhere on the web). This update sets an invisible tag on the website before it's live, instructing google and other search engines not to index it. When the 'go live' button is pressed, the meta tag is removed.

All these updates are fixed, and rolled out.

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