Page Tree

Page tree is the place to go when you want to move, or delete a page. Simply navigate to the page you want to move, delete, or copy, and click page tree. Please note, this isn't to be confused with your sitemap, which gives you an overall view of your pages. Your sitemap can be found in your dashboard. Your page tree is simply for copying, moving, or deleting your pages.


Delete a Page

If you'd like to delete the page, simply click 'delete page'. The other way to delete pages is to navigate to your dashboard, go to 'site map', click on the page, and click 'delete'. Be careful here – once you delete a page it can't be recovered.

Move a Page

Let's say you want to move your page from being a subpage of your contact page, to a sub page of your about us page. First, navigate to the page you'd like to move and enter edit mode. On your page tree, simply click on the page you'd like to move under. If you don't want to move your page to a sub page, just click on 'home'. A dialog box will come up, where you can easily move your page. If you're editing a live site, it's a good idea to tick the box that says 'save old page path'. This means that the web address, or URL of the page will remain the same, so search engines won't have to reindex it.


Copy a Page

To copy a page, within page tree, just click on where you'd like the page copied to. There are two ways you can copy a page. The first way is creating an 'alias'. An alias is basically a copy of your page, but when you update the original page, your 'alias' page will change as well. This isn't recommend for most people.

The second way is creating a direct copy. You can then edit both pages as you need to. You can either copy just the page, or the page and all sub-pages beneath it. Just like before, within page tree simply click on the page where you want your page copied to.

If you don't want to copy an entire page – you just want to copy elements of it, you can copy any block to your scrapbook, and paste it anywhere you like.