Zoom Image

Want to make images clickable, so they zoom in to full sized versions? This app is for you. This app comes free with your Image Gallery. If you'd like showcase more than one image, check out the Deluxe Image Gallery app instead.

This app is pretty straight forward - just choose your image by clicking 'choose image', and select 'choose' from the file manager. If you need to upload an image, just do so in the usual way.

The text you put in 'Alt Text' is primarily used for search engine optimisation. 'alt' tags tell google what your image, and what your page is all about. Best practise is to put some key words relating to your website in there.

If you wish, you can use it give captions to your images when they're zoomed in. If you tick the box 'display as sub title', your alt text will appear under your image when it's zoomed in. Please note, with this app it's not possible to put a caption under the thumbnail. If you'd like to do that, you'd need to add a separate content block with your caption, and move it under the thumbnail.

You can also customise the size of the thumbnails by adding a 'max thumbnail width' or 'max thumbnail height'. These sizes are in pixels. If you'd like to, you can experiment by adding a bigger or a smaller number, clicking update, and seeing the thumbnail size change.