If you would like to add a search feature to your website, to make it easy for your customers to find pages within your site, this is for you. When your website visitors use this app on your website, it will perform a keyword search. Basically, every time your keyword(s) are used on any of your website pages, whether it be in your page title, your metadata, url, or your page body, the page will come up in the search results. You can use this search feature on as many different pages as you'd like.

This is an easy to use app. Just type in a search title, which will head up your search box, and type in the text you'd like displayed on the search button. Please keep in mind you can't customise default words that appear in your search bar itself.

The 'search within path' is very important. Here, you can define what pages you'd like to be searchable with this search box. Most people select 'everywhere'. However, if you'd like the search box only to search sub pages on the page you're on, or beneath another page, make the selection here.

By default, the results get posted on the same page as the search block. However, if you'd like the search results to get posted to a particular page, you can do this. First, set up a 'results' page. Next, insert a searchbox into the page. When you've done that, go back to the search app that you were setting up, and choose 'post results to another page elsewhere'.

Type in the alias of your results page that you've just set up. When your visitors use the search box, the results will now load into your results page. Please keep in mind, you have to add a search app to your results page, otherwise your website won't know where on that page to display the results.

The search app is clever! If you've got our Members Areas installed on your website, and you've made certain pages only available to your members, the members pages won't come up in the search results unless the person searching is logged in, and a member.

If at any time you'd like to exclude certain pages from being listed in the results of a search, it's easy. Simply go into the page you don't want to make searchable, and click on 'properties', then click into 'SEO/Attributes'. Just tick 'Exclude from Search Index' on each page you don't want searchable, and they won't appear in your search results.