RSS Displayer

Keep your visitors up-to-date by displaying another website's RSS feed on your site. RSS feeds are a great way to keep your visitors interested with fresh content, so they'll keep coming back. Thousands of websites around the world use RSS feeds on their sites. RSS feeds are basically like 'news tickers'. With this app, you can tap into those news tickers and put their content on your website.

This app is pretty self explanatory. The first field is the feed URL. You'll get this from the website that has the RSS you want to feed from. Most websites with rss feeds will give you their RSS url by clicking on the orange RSS icon. If you're having troulbe locating a particular website's RSS feed, contact the website owners and they'll tell you what it is. Once you have the URL selected, you'd then just copy the URL by holding down 'control' and pressing 'c'. Next, go back into your RSS app, and paste it into the 'feed url' box by holding down 'control' and pressing 'v'.

If you'd like to head up the RSS feed, type in a title, choose the number of new items you'd like to display. Next, choose whether you'd want just the news titles, or the titles and the summary, which are both defined by the website that you're feeding the RSS feed from. Finally, you can chose to either open up the rss links in the same window, or a new window. We'd recommend opening the links up in a new window, so your visitors never leave your website by clicking on the rss link. Click add, and as long as you've pasted in the correct RSS URL, your rss feed will be displaying on your website.