Poll Questions

Easily add unlimited polls to your site, and display your results to your visitors in a pie graph. Poll questions are a great way to keep your visitors engaged with your website, so they keep coming back.

The app is really self-explanatory. Simply ask the question you'd like answered, add options for your answers. Once you've typed out each option, just click 'add' next to the answer. When you're done, click the green 'add', and your poll will appear on your website.

Please keep in mind, this app is too narrow to display the results on many sidebars, so make sure you add the app to an area wide enough. 

You're able to view all responses to your poll by going into your dashboard, clicking on 'reports' and clicking on the 'surveys' tab. Click into each survey to view the percentages. You don't get a date breakdown on all of the responses. If date ranges on surveys are important to you, you can set up a different survey for each date range.

If you've also got one of our Members Only Apps, in the breakdown, if any of your users vote, you'll be able to see who voted what.

You're unable to directly manipulate the results or delete a poll in the backend, but of course if you want to discontinue a poll, you can just remove it from the page so nobody can vote or view the results.