Form and Form Builder

The 123 Online form builder is exceptionally powerful. With form builder, you can an unlimited number of forms with an unlimited amount of questions. The results of the forms will send to any email address of your choosing, and will also be recorded in the database of your website, accessible on your dashboard.

If you've purchased the Form Builder, you'll be able to create your own forms. You've got access to the 'add questions' tab, the 'edit' tab so you can adjust the order, the 'preview' tab, so you can review the form you've just made, and the 'options' tab, where you can define what email address your form gets sent to, the thank you message for your visitors, and you'll be able to enable captcha, which reduces spam. Clients who have not purchased the form builder, will only have access to the 'options' tab.

If having the ability to create your own forms is important to you, make sure you purchase the form builder from the Apps Marketplace.

Options Tab

Let's start with the options tab, which is available to everyone who has a form, or has purchased for form builder. It's all pretty self explanatory, the 'Form Name' is the title of the form, the 'message to display when completed' is where you can create a custom 'thank you' message for your visitors to read. This will only be relevant if you haven't setup a specific thank you page.

The 'notify me by email when people submit this form' is an important box. Make sure this is ticked, and your current email address is inserted into this field. When your visitors fill out the form, you will be instantly notified by email.
You can also require a 'captcha' device by ticking this box. A captcha device basically enforces your visitors to enter a code that is displayed on the site. This prevents your form being filled out by spam bots. If you're getting a lot of spam, or you get a lot of hits, it's a good idea to tick this box.

Finally, you can redirect your visitors to a 'thank you' page after they fill out the form. This isn't necessary, as your message in the 'message to display when completed' box will display by default. However, if you'd like a special thank you page, first, you must create the page. Just exit edit mode, and create a page like you usually would. Let's call it - 'thank you'. Next, go back into the app, tick the 'redirect to another page' box, and select the page you've just created.

Add Tab

If you haven't purchased the form builder, that's where your options end. If you have, here's how you create your forms. The 'add' tab is where you add all your questions. It's really simple. Just type your question, select the 'answer type', if it's a required question, tick the 'required' box, and click 'add question'. It's as simple as that.

Repeat the steps for as many questions as you like. Remember to click 'add question' once you've completed each question. Choosing 'update' before you click 'add question' won't work.

You've got several 'answer types' to choose from. Text fields are small text boxes, text areas are big text boxes. With radio buttons and select boxes, your visitors can only make one selection per question. Just enter each selection on a new line. With checkbox lists, your visitors can select multiple selections per question. With checkbox lists, enter each selection on a new line. With file uploads, your visitors are offered the option of uploading a file, along with answering your questions.

The form builder also has email address, telephone and web address boxes. With these question types, your form forces your visitors to enter answers that resemble a true answer. For example, with email address boxes, it forces your visitors to make an answer in the form of name, @ symbol, domainname.

Edit Tab

The 'edit' tab, is where you can change the order, edit existing questions, or delete questions. To edit questions, click 'edit', then 'save changes'. To remove questions, simply click 'remove', and to change the order, just choose the up and down arrows next to the question you'd like to move up and down.
Keep in mind, how the form visually looks is system generated, so you won't be able to change margins, customise form field lengths, box syles, and so on.


The preview tab is just that - is simply allows you to preview your form. When you've made all your updates, just click update, save your changes, and your form will appear on your website.

Copying Forms

If you'd like to copy a form and use it on another part of your website, you'd do so in the same way you'd copy any block. Simply select the block, click 'copy to scrapbook', click 'add to scrapbook', and 'paste' the copy of your form anywhere you'd like, by going to the desired page, clicking 'paste from scrapbook', and selecting the form from the preview.

Note - you can now export your form results to a .csv / spreadsheet.  Just click on 'Dashboard' and 'Reports', as seen here.