Want to embed some sound on to your website, now you can. And you don't need to go through a third party like Sound Cloud. The sound player is flexible – you can play sound on your website from nine different players, ranging from simple play/stop buttons to players with timelines and volume control. You can even load in multiple sound files into the app so when one file finishes playing, another one will start playing. You can set sound to automatically auto-play, auto-load, shuffle, or repeat.

Please note, this only works with mp3 files, so make sure the sound files you're uploading are in mp3 format. If you have sound in any other format, you'll need to convert your sound files to mp3. Just google wav to mp3 converter, and you'll find some free downloads of conversion software.

Loading in sound is pretty simple. Simply click 'add new file', select 'browse' and find an mp3 file on your computer, and then upload. Once you're done, click close, and then click on the file and click 'choose'. If you have multiple files, you can repeat the above steps, or use the 'upload multiple' function. Your files will play in the order that you upload them.
First, simply select your 'skin'. Your skin is visually what your player will look like. You've got a few to choose from - just try out each and decide on the one you like. In order to see what the player looks like, you'll need to exit edit mode. The skin called 'silk' is quite a good one, as it's quite subtle and the design works for most websites.

The width and height will default to the skin you've selected's natural height and width. You can customise the width and height if you'd like, but it's advised that you just leave these as they are. All the skins look great on a white background. If however, you'd like to put your players on anything other than a white background, make sure you select 'transparent'.

The settings tickboxes are fairly self explanatory. You can make your sound auto-start, and repeat, and if you've uploaded multiple sound files, you can get them to play in a random order by clicking 'shuffle'. You can select 'auto-load' if you'd like your sound files to automatically get downloaded by your visitors when they visit the page. If your sound files are large, this makes it more likely that your entire sound file will play without having any pauses during playback. We don't encourage you to use this box however, as it can use a lot of bandwidth and increase your hosting costs.