Page List

Your page list app is a really handy way to list your pages, automatically. It's really easy to use. You can use your page list app to list all of your pages, or just sub pages of a particular page.

The first thing to look at is the box labeled 'display pages beneath a particular page'. If nothing is selected, it will display all of your pages. Most people use this app to list sub pages of a particular page. If you wish to do this, simply select the 'parent page' of the sub pages you'd like to list. You can tell which pages have 'sub pages' or 'child pages', because they have a 'plus' icon next to them. If you select a page that doesn't have any child pages, this app won't work, because you're essentially telling it to list pages that aren't there.

If you have a particular order you'd like your pages to appear in, you can change this here. Most people select 'in their sitemap order'. If you wish to however, you've got the choice of alphabetical order, and a few others.

If you've selected 'sitemap order',and you'd like to change the order that your pages appear in, simply go to your dashboard and click on 'sitemap'. To re-order your pages, click on the 'page icon' until the four-directional arrow cursor appears, and drag your page directly under the page you want it to appear. A horizontal line will appear - when it does, if you release your mouse button, your page will be reordered.

You've also got a few options as to what style you'd like your page list to be. While you're in edit mode, simply click on the page list block, and select 'block style templates'. Simply make your style selection here.

Please keep in mind, you're unable to customise how these styles look. If you have a particular style in mind, the best thing to do would be to create a regular content block and list your pages manually, using the fonts and graphics of your choice.