Want to insert a web page from another site into your own website? You can do this using the iFrame app. If you've used an iFrame before, it's pretty self-explanatory. Just paste in the URL of the exact website page that you want to embed into the 'url' box. Make sure this is the full URL, and it starts with 'http://', not just a 'www'.

You can customise the height and width by entering pixel dimensions in here, turn on/off framing, set horizontal alignment within the block, and even disable scrolling if you want to. If you set scrolling to 'auto', the scrollbar will only appear when the user will need to scroll to see the entire website.

Keep in mind, with iFrames you cannot change how the website you embed will appear, as it's reading directly from the website that you're embedding. You're unable to embed 'part' of a website. For example, you can't embed another websites content, while removing their branding from the top of the page. Likewise, you're unable to 'resize' a webpage so it fits in the iframe window. iFrames won't be appropriate for all websites, but if you need to iFrame a page, this is the way to do it.