Facebook Like Button

To add a facebook like button to your site you will need to get the code from facebook first, then add this code to your page.

Facebook likes to change the way they do things, so if you find this tutorial is out dated please let us know.

Here are the steps

1. Head over to the following page: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/like-button

2. Sroll down to the heading "Like Button Configurator", paste the URL of the page you're adding your button to and configure the other settings as necessary then choose "Get Code"


3. You'll need to paste both bits of code onto your page. For users on the Shift content management system, paste this code into an HTML block. Click here for a tutorial.

For users on our older version content management system, embed this code in your content area by using the “Source” option. Please contact support if you need assistance with this.