Add This

If you want to allow your visitors to share your website on facebook, twitter, linkedin, or over 300 other social networking sites, the 'add this' app is the easiest way for you to do so. This app even allows your visitors to share your site by printing the page, or emailing it to their friends or colleagues.

To use it, simply click on the style of sharing button it puts on your site. They all do the same thing, but you can choose the look that best suits your website. The app inserts the share icon on your page. You can put it on as many or as few pages as you'd like. When a visitor clicks on the add this button, it connects with the social networking site of their and enables them to easily share the page that the button is on.

The Add This App defaults to around ten ways of sharing, including facebook, twitter, linedin, gmail and print. Add This then enables individual visitors to customise what networking sites they see by default, to make it easier for them to share your pages on the sites that they use. Add This is a single click to install, and provides an easy way for your visitors to promote your website for you.