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Working the On-Page CMS

Your web shop may have information pages that you don't want your products to appear on, for example, your about us page. These pages will already be setup for you, based on what was covered during your design consultation.

To edit these pages, simply select 'CMS' from your quick access menu. There, you'll find a list of pages.

To edit, simply click on the 'edit' icon next to the page you want to edit. Here, you'll find a very intuitive Microsoft Word looking toolbar, where you can do pretty much anything you'd like to. You can change font colours, make things bold and italics, insert tables to give you more variety in page layouts, and upload images.

When you're done, click 'save', and your website's front end will automatically update.

Try and avoid deleting pages that are already there – the reason for this is if we've already set up your website's links to go to these pages, and you delete them, your website's viewers will get an error.

To view any page on the front end of your website, just click on the view icon next to the page you want to view.