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Vouchers and Discounts

To setup vouchers and discounts using product codes you give to your customers, it's easy. This will need to be purchased and programmed in, so if you'd like this feature, please contact our support team.

Once this feature is active, simply go to 'Vouchers/Discounts' in your quick access menu, and click 'add new'.

Each discount voucher is setup with a 'code' that your customers will type in during checkout. Your voucher can apply to a percentage discount of the total, a dollar discount of the total, or it could be a voucher for free shipping.

Setting them up is easy. In the 'code' box, just type in a code – this can be anything you like. You'll later share this with the customers you want to be able to user the vouchers. This code will be what your customers will type or paste in during the checkout process.

Next, select the type of discount, and put in a dollar or percentage value. Enter in a description which will be displayed in the cart for the customer. If you'd like to limit the discount to only certain categories, untick the categories you don't want the discount to apply to.

The next three boxes are quite important. The total quantity must be set – this is the number of times a voucher can be used. If it doesn't have a limit, put in a large number like 1000. If you'd like the number of times each customer can use the voucher, set this. For example, put a 1 here.

If you'd like to limit the vouchers only to be used if a certain dollar amount is being ordered, for example, you only want the voucher to be usable when you spend $100 or more, enter '100' into the 'minimum amount' box.

If you want these vouchers to be used with other vouchers in the same purchase, click the 'cumulative with other vouchers' box. If you want your customers to be able to use the vouchers on products that are already on special in your shop, you'll need to click the 'cumulative with price reductions' box, otherwise items on special will be excluded.

The date fields are very important also. You can set the vouchers to be valid only until a certain date or time. The start date and time defaults to the current date and time, so if you want to activate the voucher immediately leave this as is. The End date however, also defaults to the current time, so you'll need to change this. Set the voucher as far in the future you want the voucher to be valid from the date selector by clicking in the date field.

If you check the option 'display the voucher in the cart summary', the voucher code and its description will display to everybody. You'll probably want this set to disabled.

Finally, to enable the voucher, just set the status to enabled, and click save.