Using Delivery Slips

Delivery slips are used to make sending your products via courier easy. Basically, every order generates a PDF file with the customer's name and delivery address that you can print off, and attach to your package. It just saves you time having to physically write the customer's name and address on the package.

You can get to delivery slips in two different ways. To obtain the delivery slip for each order, just click on the orders tab, enter into the order, and on the right-hand side under 'shipping information', click on the delivery slip number. This will open up a PDF, which you can print off and attach to your package to courier. This delivery slip will only appear once the payment for the order is confirmed.

The other option is to print off delivery slips for multiple orders in bulk. This is handy if you get a lot of orders coming through each day. To do this, just click on the 'orders' tab, and then click on 'delivery slips'. Select a date or date range to generate, and click 'Generate PDF File'. You can then print off this PDF file, and attach each page to the relevant packages. This is just a handy feature to make your life a little easier.