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Setting Product Features and Options

Your products may have features you want to list. For example, if you're selling a Macbook computer, how big it is (mentioning width and height), how much it weighs, or what the screen size is. You could of course put this information into the product descriptions, but if you've got a lot of features that you want to list, the features option will be handy for you.

Your products may also have options you want to make available. For example, you want the customer to select how much hard drive space they want, or how much RAM.

To give products features or options, you first set them up, and then you assign them to the products. A feature is something that you want to note about the product. It will appear in the 'datasheet' on the front end. A product option is something that you want the customer to choose, for example, colour, or disk space.

Setting up features is easy. Just click on the catalogue tab, and click features. To add a feature, simply click 'add feature'. For example, Height. You can also add features within groups, by adding a feature 'value', and applying that to a feature.

Once you've set up the features, you'll now want to apply them to the relevant products. Click on catalogue, and navigate to the product you want to update. If you want to apply a feature you've set up, it's easy. Just click on the features tab of that product, and type in the feature variable.

Setting up product options is also easy. Just like the features, you must first set them up, and then apply them to the product you want. To set them up, just click on 'product options' and then add the product option you want.

Once your product options are setup, assigning product options to products is also easy. There are two different ways you can set up product options. Probably the easiest way, is using the 'product combinations generator'. To use this, first navigate to the product you want to add the product options to, click combinations, and click 'product combinations generator', and click 'OK' when you get the warning.

On the right hand side, select all the options available with this product. To select multiple lines, just hold down the 'ctrl' key, and click. Let's say, the computers that you're selling come in 80GB and 160GB. Buying the 160GB option increases the cost by $100. First, select the 80GB option, then the 160GB option, then click add. The options will appear in the table to the left. Because we want the 160GB option to add $100, we add '100' in the 'price impact' column, and click 'generate'. Please note, that the price you put in here includes gst.

If you navigate back to your product, and click the 'combinations' tab, you'll notice that all the combinations appear here. If you'd like to set one combination as a default, just click the star next to the combination.

The other way to add product options, is to do them one by one. This will allow you to do some advanced options like altering your stock levels with each option, or adding internal references.

Using the same example of 80GB and 160GB options, the first thing we'd want to do is add the 80GB option. Select 'disk space' as the group, and select 80GB, and click on add. If you want any references to appear on this option (for example, product codes for your reference), enter them in here. Because in this case, the 80GB option doesn't affect the price, we keep all of this information as is. We also want this option to be the default option, so tick the 'default' tickbox, and then click 'add combination'.

We now want to add in the 160GB option, which will increase the cost by $100. We select 'disk space', choose '160GB', and click 'add'. We now want to instruct the shop to increase the cost of the product by $100. We select 'impact on price', set to 'increase', and enter the dollar figure. If you want the price to increase by $100 exclusive of GST, enter the figure in the exclusive of tax box, otherwise enter the figure in the tax included box. If you're using shipping based on weight, you can add the impact here also. The shop has some advanced features involving stock, but 99% of people just leave these as their defaults. When you're done, just click 'add this combination'. You can edit your combinations at any time by clicking on the edit button next to the combination you wish to edit.