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Defining Specials and Bulk Discounts for Certain Products

To put products on special, or offer bulk discounts on certain products, it's easy. Let's start with specials... simply navigate to the product you want to put on special and click on the 'prices' tab, then click 'add new specific price'.

If you want to limit the discount only to customers from certain currencies, countries, or groups, select this here.

Next, if you want to put the product on special for a certain period of time, define the start and end date. If you want to keep the product on special for an undefined period of time, just leave these fields alone, and when you want the special to end, simply put the reduction amount back to zero.

For now, we'll leave the unit set to one, and we'll get to this later.

Here (product price/apply discount), you define the discount amount. If you want to reduce the amount to a set dollar figure, enter it here. Please note, this figure is exclusiv eof tax. If you'd like to apply a reduction in price by a dollar figure or a percentage, enter the figure here, and click 'add'.

If you'd like to display an 'on sale' graphic to draw attention to this special, click back on the info tab, and tick the 'display on sale' icon' box. When you're done, click save, and your front end will display the products on special.

Defining Bulk Discounts for Certain Products
You can also incentivise your customers to buy in bulk for certain products. For example, let's say you sell ipod shuffles, and you want to encourage your customers to buy lots of that particular product by giving a ten percent discount if they purchase more than five.

It's easy - all you do is repeat the same steps, but this time, edit the 'starting at unit' amount. If we put '5' in the starting at unit price, and '10' percent in the discount box, this means that each additional item ordered, starting at 5, will be given a ten percent reduction.

This will then be automatically discounted by ten percent when five or more ipod shuffles are purchased, and will show up in 'quantity discounts' in the front end so your customers are aware of the discounts – easy as that.