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Defining Featured Homepage Products

To customise the featured products (or products on your homepage), it's a very easy process. Simply click on the 'catalogue' tab and navigate to the product you'd like to put on the homepage. Scroll down to where it says 'default category' and catalogue. Just tick the tickbox next to the 'home' and click save.

You can control what order your products display on your homepage, by clicking the 'catalogue' tab, and scrolling down to where it says 'products in this category' – since you've just clicked on the catalogue tab, the default category will be 'home'.

You can control what products, and what order display on your homepage in this section here. Keep in mind, this will only work if your website is setup to actually display products on the homepage – for example if you've asked us during the design consultation for this homepage to display categories only, this won't work.

To sort the order of featured products, just click on the up and down arrows. To remove a product from your home category, don't press the delete button, as this will delete the whole product. Simply click into the product, and scroll down to the category list. Simply untick 'home' and the product will disappear.

Likewise, if you'd like to add any product on the homepage, just navigate to the product you'd like to add, and tick the box next to home – easy as that.