Customer Grouping

If you'd like to give special prices to certain groups (for example, offer your wholesale customers your products at wholesale rates, and regular retail customers at retail rates), this is all possible with our customer grouping functionality.

To program in this functionality is $600+gst. If you'd like this feature and haven't already got it, please click here, and then complete the order form.

First, we'll cover how to set up your groups, and define prices for products for product for particular groups. Then, we'll cover how to add your customers to a group.

To set up a group, log into your dashboard and simply go to the 'customers' tab, click 'groups', and then click 'add new'. Type in the name of the group (e.g. wholesale). If you wish, you can apply an across-the-board percentage reduction. If you'd prefer, you can instead set the price of individual products for your new group instead. If you wish to exclude tax on the front end listing price for this group, click 'tax excluded'. When you're done creating your group, click save.

Now, we'll cover how to set unique prices for group members. First, simply navigate to the product you'd like to set the price for. Click the 'prices' tab, then click 'Add a new specific price'. To make this price specific to the group you've just set up, select it from the 'groups' dropdown menu.
If you'd only like the special price to exist for a period of time, enter the 'between dates', otherwise just leave blank. If you'd like the special price to only begin after a certain amount of products are purchased, enter in the 'starting at unit' number – most people just leave this set to one.

To enter an exact price of the product, enter the dollar figure in the 'product price' box. If you wish, you can leave this set to zero, and enter an amount, or percentage discount instead. When you're done, click 'add' and go on to your other products you want to discount.

Now, we'll cover how to assign customers to a group. When customers sign up on your website, by default they will go into the default group. To change a customer from the default group to a group you've created, simply navigate to your 'customers' tab, and click on the 'edit' icon next to the customer you want to assign to the group. Scroll down the bottom, and simply untick the default, and tick the group you've created, and click save.

Now, when this customer goes to the web page, they'll view the new group's price rather than the default price.

Alternatively, rather than editing an existing customer, you can create a customer from the backend and assign them to a group. To do this, simply click 'customers', click 'add new', and complete their details on that page. Please note, this won't automatically send the customer an email – if they don't already know their login details you'll want to email these to them yourself.

Some clients who have wholesale customers, would rather their wholesale customers 'apply' to be members. Some clients would like a form on their website that their wholesale customers would complete. This would then send you an email, outlining their request to be a member. After reviewing their application, and you accept, you'd then create their username in the backend, or if they're an existing retail customer, you'd edit their username to be a member of the new group. If you'd like such a form programmed in on your website, please let us know, and we'll price it up for you.

This concludes our members grouping tutorial. If you have any questions on how any of this works, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.