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Changing the Contact Us Page

The contact us page has a built-in form that your customers can use to email you directly from the website.

You can add different departments on your contact form, should you want to set these up, and also define what email address your form sends to.

To do so, just select 'Contact Us' from the quick access menu. 'Customer Service' is the default department. You can customise the name here, and also the email address that the completed contact form entries get sent to by clicking the 'edit' button.

If you'd like to add another department, simply go to the 'Contact Us' option from the quick access menu again and click 'Add new', and follow the prompts.

You can also customise the area above the form. This is a good place to put phone numbers or key contacts. To edit this information, simply click CMS from your quick access menu, and click the 'edit' button next to the 'contact-us' page. Type what you want to appear above the form, and click save.