Adding Products

To add a product, just click on the catalogue tab, and click 'add a new product'. Alternatively, you can use the 'Add New Product' link from the quick access menu.

Once you're there, simply type in the name of the product.

On this page, there are lots of options. Your store can be as detailed as you need it to be, but only the items with the asterisk symbols next to them are essential.

For example, you can choose or create a manufacturer or supplier that the product relates to, but it's not necessary.

If you're wanting to state the size of the package that the product is sent in, you can enter that in the width, height, and depth fields, otherwise leave blank. Likewise, if you're wanting to factor in weight in your shipping costs, it's recommended you put a KG figure into weight. These figures here simply relate to shipping, not your product itself. If you want to keep things simple, just leave them blank.

Assuming you want to actually list your product, leave the product as 'enabled'. Assuming you want to sell the product online, leave the tickbox 'available for order'. For certain products, you may want to disable ordering, label the product to show it's only available online, or even hide the price. You can do so by ticking the appropriate boxes.

The system is very flexible. For example, if you want to sell a 'pack' which includes a number of products already in your shop, simply start typing the name of the product you want to include in the pack, and click the 'plus' icon. Do this for every product you want to appear in your pack.

The system also allows you to sell downloadable products. For example, a pdf ebook or a mp3 song, you can click the 'is this product downloadable' box and upload it. The 'number of days' box in this section refers to how many days this file can be accessed by your customers. Because you don't want your customer sharing the file with all their friends, you'd probably want to set this to two or three days.

The tax rate is automatically set to 15% (GST). You can either enter in the price exclusive of GST in the 'pre-tax retail price' box, or alternatively you can enter in the retail price with GST included, and the system will automatically calculate the tax.

If you'd like to put the product you're adding on special, tick the 'display 'on sale' icon. You can enter the special discount amount later, in the prices tab.

If you want your shop to take account of stock levels, this can be done at a later stage, so just leave the initial stock set to one. If you want your customers to order a minimum amount of this product to purchase, then enter the minimum quantity for this product in the minimum quantity box.

The system even allows you to set a unique shipping cost for a particular item you want to sell. You can enter an additional shipping cost here. Most people just leave this box blank, however.

You'll then want to add the product to a category, by ticking the tickbox next to the category you want the product to go into. You can add the product to multiple categories if you wish.

Select what category you'd like the product to default to when your customers are searching for it by choosing the 'default category' from the dropdown menu. Please note, this needs to be a category that the product is actually in.

The next thing to do is enter a short description (that will appear in the search results) and a more lengthy description that will be displayed to your customers once they click into the product details.

If this product comes with accessories, for example, if you're selling an ipod, and want to sell headphones with the product, just start typing in the name of the accessory, and then click the plus button. Please note, the accessory needs to be entered in as a product before you can add it as an accessory, but remember you can always go back to this product and add accessories to it later.
Once you've finished entering in your product, just click save, and you're done.