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Adding Custom Fields to Products

Let's say you're selling Christmas Cards, and you want to customise what's on the cover according to the customer's specifications. It's easy to do with 123 Online, although it does take some time for us to program in – please contact support to discuss.

Once we've integrated this feature with your site, simply navigate to the product you want to add the custom fields to, and click on the 'customization' tab. You've got two types of fields, file fields and text fields.

File fields are for if you want your customers to be able to upload a picture when they're purchasing a product. For example, if you want to let your customers submit a photo of what to include on the cover of the Christmas card, you'd use a file field.

Text fields are just for basic text information, for example, the personal message you want on the front of the Christmas card.

To use these customization fields, first choose the number of each type of field you want to offer for the product. For this example, we want one file, and one text field. We put the number 1 in each of the boxes, and click 'update settings'.

The next step is to name the fields – we'll call the files field 'Submit Front Cover Photo' and the text field 'Text to Appear on Front Cover'. In this case, we want to make 'Text to Appear on Front Cover' a required field, so that the order for that product won't complete unless the customer types something here. Once you're done, click 'save labels', and a 'product customization' tab will appear in the product details page.