Formatting Product Details

Customers often ask us how to format the 'product details' section of their shop.
By default, the shop admin puts everything in one long paragraph, but most people don't want their product details to look like this.
It's very easy to make do new paragraphs, make things bold, itallics, or bullet point.
Just go into catalog > click on the product you want to edit, and edit the text you've already put in.
Basically, it’s all just straight html. 'Html' is the 'code' that your website understands. The codes you’ll want to use:
If you want to make something bold:, put in the code before the text you want bold, and after the text.
Bold Title Text Goes Here
If you’d like something italics, use and
Bold Title Text Goes Here
For a new line:

For two new lines:

For bullet points:

  • Bullet Item Goes Here

  • Next Bullet Item Goes Here

    Inserting a link is easy too.  In the following example, when the user clicks on 'text you want linked goes here' they will go to
    Text You Want Linked Goes Here
    You can use pretty much any html codes you want.  If you want something special, it's best just to search for the "html code" in google, and you'll find some code to copy and paste.