Website Anchor Links

In order to setup an anchor link (a link to another part of the same page):

1) First login to your admin and click on the relevant page you want to edit

2) Next, create the anchor link (the part of the page you want the website visitor to end up when they click on the link). To do so, just click on the relevant part of the page you want the visitor to end up, and press the 'insert/edit anchor' button.

3) Name the anchor something you'll remember.

4) Next, if you want to set up an anchor link you can be just setting it as a normal link, paste in the url and put a # at the end, followed by the (case sensitive) anchor name.

In other words if the page is:

And (for example) you've made an anchor on that page called 'anchor_example', the anchor URL would be

Please note that the anchor links are case sensitive.

Please watch the video for a clear explanation.