Using Your Product Catalogue

Adding new products is easy – it's just like creating a new page.

If you haven't ordered this product catalogue module, this section does not apply to you.

To add a new product

1) In the admin section, click 'pages'
2) Click 'add new content'
3) Under content type select 'item page' (which tells the CMS this is an item for the product catalogue).
4) Type in the name under 'title' and 'menu text'
5) In the 'parent' dropdown box, select the product category the item is under.
6) In the first white box, type in whatever you want to go into the body of the item text.
7) To add images of your products, on the 'images' tab simply click browse, find the image on your computer and click OK.
8) When you're done, click on submit