Global Content Blocks

Global content blocks are used for when you want one piece of content to be replicated throughout many pages in your website. This means that you'll only need to update this piece of content once (which will update the content on all the website pages), rather than edit the content on each page.

To achieve this, just go to:

Content > Global Content Blocks > Add Content Block

Give this global content block a name (any name you want) and put whatever content you'd like replicated across multiple pages (words, pictures, etc) , and click submit.

If you view the page at Content > Global Content Blocks > Add Content Block, you'll now see your global content block that you created, and next to it you'll see some code in the column labelled 'Tag to Use This Block'.

All you do, is simply copy that tag code on the global content block you've just created, and (in the admin) go into the page you want the content to appear, and paste it in.

You can paste in this content wherever you like on the website, and as many times on the website.

When you next want to update the content in the block, simply go into Content > Global Content Blocks > Add Content Block again and adjust the content.