Adding and Managing New Pages

Changing Your Website's Content

Go to 'pages' within your 'content' section. You'll see something like this:

Simply click on the title of the page you want to edit/add content for. If you can't see the page you want to edit, it might be 'under' another page, so click 'Expand All Sections'. Adding/editing content is exceptionally easy.

Click on the page's title. Depending on the template you chose, you'll have one, two or three content areas. Each content area is for a different part of the page (e.g. your main content area
or your side-panel content area).

Put whatever you want in the boxes, click 'submit' at the bottom, and it'll show up on the website. It's that easy.

Try it now. Experiment a little.

You'll see a few other boxes which you won't know what they're for. Just ignore them for now. We'll use some of them during the 'Launch Phase' so I'll be taking care of that myself, later. This CMS can do many things, but the general rule is, if you don't know what something does, it's probably not important to know about.