Edit Page: Setting Up Email on a Phone

As long as your mobile phone is capable of checking internet email, you should be able to set up your email with 123 Online.
The settings should be exactly the same as they would be if you were setting up your email in Microsoft Outlook. The exception is your outgoing (smtp) settings, which should match the smtp settings of your phone provider.
You’ll of course need to make sure the internet is connected and available on your phone.
Your settings should be as follows:

-    Your Name: Your Name
- Email Address: name@yourdomain
- User Name: name@yourdomain (note, your FULL email address)
- Password: yourpassword
- Incoming mail server (Pop3): mail.123online.co.nz
- Outgoing mail server:  This should be your phone provider's smtp settings.  If you're with Telecom, try smtp.xtra.co.nz   If you're with Vodafone, try smtp.vodafone.co.nz   If you're unsure please check with your network provider.
- Also make sure that any ‘ssl’ or ‘secure authentication’ is turned OFF.
- Make sure your username is your FULL email address, not just 'name'.
Each phone is different - please consult your phone's manual.
If all the settings are the same as what they are in Outlook and it's not working, please check with your phone or network provider and they should be able to give you specific advice on how to get it working with the particular phone you’re using.