123 online website design

Our Process

How we get you from where you are now,
to getting your website up online

How it works

Building a website is a bit like building a house. It takes a whole bunch of people with different skills and talents. At 123 Online we've brought a talented team of specialists together to get the job done. Here's how.....

1. Web Design Consultant

Our Web Consultants are the first people you'll talk to. In English, not techno-gobble. They take the time to understand your business and what you want your website to achieve. Then they'll walk you through our web design options and help you figure out what's best on your budget. There's no hard sell . Once you decide to go with us the next person you'll meet is your project manager..

2. Project Manager

Your Project Manager is your single point of contact throughout the website design process. Don't worry about preparing content, or figuring out how many pages you need. They're experts at structuring your website to turn your visitors into customers. They also make sure that your web design project runs on schedule, and that you're kept in the loop every step of the way.

3. Graphic Designer

Next, your Project Manager briefs your Graphic Designer. Their mission is to design a site that immediately tells your audience they've landed in the right place. You've got about seven seconds to hook them before they hit the 'back' button! Our web designers won't let that happen. They're experts at getting your visitors to step inside and click around.

4. Web Developer

Once you give your web design the thumbs-up, our Web Developers get to work. The developers take the web design, and build it into a working website you can update all by yourself using our amazing content management system. You'll never talk to the developers. That's because you speak English, and they speak computer. But don't worry, your Project Manager speaks both!

5. Load Content

Our tools make it easy for you to get your web design's content together and polish it up so that it reads smoothly and makes it easy for Google's search engines to find you. We also make it super-easy for you to update your website content whenever you want with our Content Management System (CMS).

6. Ready for Launch

Once your website's content is loaded, you're ready for launch. Just press a button and your website's live to your customers. Break out the bubbly!

7. Support Team

After your website's live, we don't bail out. If you ever get stuck, you can talk to our full time New Zealand-based support staff during business hours. Whatever the issue, we'll walk you through it in plain English, so don't worry if you're not a computer whizz. We've also got full instructional video tutorials on everything you need to know.