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Meet Trent McDiarmid

Trent McDiarmid
Project Manager

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I came to 123 Online after working as a snowboard instructor in the USA and Japan and moving into the travel industry as a consultant thereafter. Entering in to the world of web design was a pretty big career shift for me. I had expected geeky workers in ink-stained pen-pocket shirts, and sporting glasses that were held together by a mixture of band-aids and scotch tape. Thankfully, on the contrary, I found a team that were fun, talented, and shared a lot of common interests (most importantly snowboarding). 
Interesting fact: I once apprehended and helped hand-cuff a crazed passenger at 30,000ft on a domestic flight in China after he attacked an air hostess. He was arrested on landing. Look out “Police 10-7”.
When I’m not on the snow or in the sales room – or making citizens arrests at 30,000ft - you’ll probably find me with a camera in my hand or playing paintball. I also play cricket and golf. Badly. If they let me use a cricket bat on the golf course and made cricket pitches wide as golf fairways, I’d probably have a sporting shot at both.
Uninteresting fact: I once won a yodelling competition at a travelling Bavarian tourism exhibition in Auckland. Das gut yah?
On that note, I think this is part of the bio where I’m supposed to add something about being handy with an instrument, but honestly I really don’t have a musical bone in my body. I’m the kid who gets given the triangle in music class, but not the stick to hit it with. 
Thanks for your time if you have read this far and I hope to speak with you soon.

Trent McDiarmid
(Director of Awesomeness)


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