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Meet Justin Lanigan

Justin Lanigan
Managing Director

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I have a dirty secret – I’m a technophobe. Sales and marketing - love it. Technology – scares the hell out of me! When my best friend, and ying-to-my-yang John Mclean told me about his idea for us to set up a web design company, my initial thought – “It’s technology, it’s just not my thing.” 

So how did I get here?
I’m sales and marketing from year dot. Since selling lemonade on the street corner with my sister at the age of 8 (I made $12 an hour), I’ve loved the art of fitting problems to solutions – thirst to lemonade. I was a Real Estate Agent at 18. I loved the intensity of negotiation, the challenge of marketing, and the pressure to perform. I learned a lot. 
At 20 I decided to take on the corporate world, and got offered a position as a Sales Executive at APN Outdoor, selling billboard and bus advertising to small businesses. I really began to understand the challenges for small guys without six figure marketing budgets. They were busy working in their business every day. They didn’t have a lot of time, or a huge budget – but they needed to reach their customers. 
Although the corporate world had its perks, I missed being the master of my own destiny. The road called - I left APN to travel around South East Asia. Before I left John spoke with me about starting a web design company. He said it was going to be huge. 
I have amazing respect for John. His previous venture U-Turn Internet was a runaway success. When John says something is going to be huge, it’s going to be huge. The more I thought about it, the more I realised that websites were just another form of marketing – and I know marketing. So I got over my technophobia, and John and I began our adventure with 123 Online in September 2007.

It was the best decision I’ve ever made. Every day since we began our journey, I’ve loved coming to work. Life’s too short not to love what you do, and I consider myself privileged to work with people who inspire me, and in situations that challenge me. I love every part of our business - how far we’ve come, what we’ve learned, and our vision for the road ahead. Making high quality online solutions accessible to small businesses gives me a real buzz. Our company can make a real difference to the way small New Zealand businesses approach marketing and the internet. I’m incredibly proud of what our team has achieved so far.

Work/Life balance is important to me. Work is a wonderful part of my life, it’s not all there is. When I’m not immersed in 123 Online, I love to travel - India and South America are next on my hit-list. I keep an active mind and body – snowboarding, hiking, running, volunteering and reading. I can also find my way around a guitar. I have an amazing group of friends, and a supportive family who have given me more good times than anyone could ask for – I’m a lucky guy.
If you’re on our website right now, thank you for stopping by. It would be great to speak with you, one technophobe to another. Getting a website isn’t as scary as you think – trust me.

Kind regards, 


Justin Lanigan


Snow, mountains, teeth!


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