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James Daly
Support Team

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I'm James, a member of the support team here at 123 Online. Originally from the other side of the planet, but have lived most of my life in Aotearoa and feel lucky to call this place home. Computers and technology have been a dominant interest for me, especially when our family got our first PC with a dial up internet connection in the 90's. I was offered my first IT job managing network infrastructure after I completed high school, then I got my degree in information systems.

I really enjoy helping people, so being on the helpdesk here at 123 Online suits me well. I also enjoy the technical side of things, like testing and diagnosing bugs.

Working with the team here is great, they're a bunch of fun and talented people who I can always rely on. Our clients are really awesome too! When I'm not in the office I'm into martial arts, nutrition, gaming, the odd conspiracy theory and spending time with my kids.

So, if you have a project with us, our paths may cross in the future. I look forward to offering you my support :)




UFO's? That way mate!


 I'm beached as bro!