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Meet Jenny Waldron

Jenny Waldron


Aside from looking fantastic in a big red wig, my other talents include playing laser tag and writing. I realised that copywriting was my calling after a very long stint at university. Over the years I’ve collected a B.A., PG Diploma in Psychology, Diploma of Advertising, and more recently an M.A. in English.

With all due respect to my English professors, the advertising course taught me much of what I know about good writing. My tutor took a “slash and burn” approach to writing. Literally. Anything that she didn’t like got ripped up. It was quite fun, actually, and taught me not to write a lot of sh*t.

I’ve since worked in the marketing industry for a couple of years and I’m excited to join the team at 123 Online as their new copywriter. The guys at 123 Online are a lively group with big plans, but at the same time they’re actually ruthlessly organised and prepared for anything!

When I’m not working, you can probably find me sweating it out at Bikram yoga or volunteering at Youthline. Oh, and lastly, don’t play me at laser tag because you will get destroyed.


Jenny Waldron