Meet Ben Parker

Ben Parker
Development Team

I love computers; in fact I loved them before seeing one for the first time. How...? Why...? I have an answer - "I don't know". I was 17 then. Everyone told me to take up my father's profession (teacher). But I had different ideas. My father allowed me to choose what I wanted. I love my dad. I completed my graduation in Computer Technology. During my college days, I loved playing computer games. You can call me a Computer Geek, spending most of my time digging through various gaming sites and exploring new items to play the entire time.

The time came for me to choose what I wanted to do next. Designing or programming? C or Java? But I was not strong in anything apart from playing games. I wanted to work creative as well as logic. I stumbled upon "FLASH" which I found to be interesting and intriguing. I was able to design, animate and write logical scripts. I was impressed with flash and started learning it and started impressing others with my flash work. Since then I have been working on a number of flash websites, flash applications, ecards and e-learning materials.

Getting into 123 Online in the latter half of 2008, I have done hundreds of flash customizations and CMS websites. As the growth of mobile devices was making flash fade away, it was obvious that I needed to learn other platforms. Developing CMS websites is something I have taken a liking to since I started working for 123 Online and I am really enjoying it :)

Apart from computers I love playing cricket a lot. I have been playing cricket since my childhood. But still I am a poor cricketer :) Normally I drop catches, occasionally a few sticks on to my hand and that is the time I fly .. I cry... and create high drama. But I am a good bowler. Trust me! (my teammates don't accept that out of envy)  ;)

I also play snooker, chess and badminton, but not as good as cricket :D. Watching movies and hanging around with friends are my other hobbies. Well I guess that's about it . I am enjoying my life and I love being myself.

Important Note: I love my mom and adore my sister. If I haven't included this, my sister will literally kill me. I have been always in the receiving end whenever we fight :'(




No wonder I Love computers :-)


     Taking guard for
      a golden duck