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100% Refund Club

Send us five new customers. We’ll refund the entire cost of your website. It’s that simple.

Here’s how it works.  We build you a new website. You love it. You love us. You tell the world about us. We build websites for them too and you score a fat 100% refund!

designpricing.pngHow Does it Work?

You're talking to someone and they complain about how hopeless their website is. Or they don't even have a website. Or they can't understand why their advertising doesn't work any more.

That's your cue to tell them that 123 Online can help them just like we helped you. Ask if you can pass their contact details on to us (no arm twisting). If they agree, fire off an email to us with their details and we'll get in touch. Send five new customers our way and we'll send you the cheque!

Fine Print

It's nothing tricky, just a few points, so we know we're all on the same page.

1) The 100% Refund Club began operating on in October 2011. We aren't allocating referral points to projects that were referred prior to then.
2)  The 100% Refund applies to the amount of your total project spend at the time the website went live. Additional functions or services provided after that are not included in the refund.
3) The 100% Refund Club applies to the website design & build, not web hosting or domain name registration services.
4) If for some reason, we decide to stop running this programme in future, we're within our rights to do so.

Know Someone We Can Help?

If you know of someone that we can help, please complete the form below. Of course, if they go ahead, you're one step away from getting the full cost of your website paid for...

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