Sound - Free

sound.pngPlay any sound you'd like on your website by adding a sound player - anything from music to a sales pitch. The sound player is flexible – you can play sound on your website from nine different players, ranging from simple play/stop buttons to players with timelines and volume control.

You can even load in multiple sound files into the app so when one file finishes playing, another one will start playing. You can set sound to automatically auto-play, auto-load, shuffle, or repeat.

The players work with mp3 files as mp3's compression is best suited for the web. Sound can really help to engage your visitors. A great idea is to record a sales pitch for your products/services, and place on the relevant pages. The sound app only works with mp3 files, so make sure the sound files you're uploading are in mp3 format. If you have sound in any other format, you'll need to convert your sound files to mp3. Just google wav to mp3 converter, and you'll find some free downloads of conversion programs.

Please keep in mind that the visual appearance of the players cannot be edited, although with nine to choose from, you should find one that suits your needs. Also keep in mind that if you get a lot of traffic to your site, sound can really chew up bandwidth, so be sure to consider that before uploading large sound files.